Peretz is the “first laidback entertainment channel for adults”. The target audience comprises viewers from 25-49 years old. The channel’s key genres are humor and reality TV. Clip shows are the main focus of Peretz, which broadcasts half-hour and hour-long comedy sketch shows and programs.

Peretz was the first channel to introduce the “from internet to TV” concept, by adapting exclusive web content for TV viewers. As a result, millions of Russians were introduced to the cult online show “+100500” (originally launched on Youtube).
Right from the outset, the channel has featured such popular Russian celebrities as Dmitry Nagiev, Mikhail Porechenkov, Bogdan Titomir, Maksim Golopolosov, as well as actors Semyon Strugachev, Andrei Fedortsov, Yuri Galtsev and many more.
The channel’s average share of the 25-49 audience rose 30% in 2013. According to TNS Russia, Peretz is one of the top ten most watched Russian channels and even took second place in the 10 most successful Russian startups poll conducted by the Russian edition of Forbes. According to CTC research, the channel’s brand awareness in Russia is at 78%. The channel’s technical penetration in Russia currently stands at 84% in the cities with population over 100,000 people, while the total potential audience in the country is 60 million. Peretz has conducted two large-scale ad campaigns since it was launched, both of which were resounding successes: “PST Soon” and “Hold on to Peretz!”. The channel’s innovative approach to marketing has received a number of awards at the professional PROMAX/BDA international competition, as well as a TEFI award from the Academy of Russian Television in 2010.