The beginnings of the Sibila d.o.o. company reaches back to the year 1992 when we started publishing the “Telstar” magazine - a magazine for satellite and cable television. Apart from news and expertise articles we were the first to publish monthly schedules for different TV channels present in the Slovene cable networks at that time.

The following year we started representing CNN and two other programs (Cartoon and TNT) for the distribution in the cable systems. By taking up channels such as Eurosport, Euronews, TV5, Discovery, etc., the number of programmes we represented started to increase.

Soon we started spreading our activities in our neighboring countries, such as Croatia and other countries of ex-Yugoslavia. Now, we are expanding our business to the countries of South East Europe (Albania, Bulgaria).

We offer:

  • support with planning market entering strategies,
  • complete support with the promotion and sales of the programme,
  • consulting for activities, necessary for the distribution of the programme,
  • cooperation at negotiations with the operators,
  • help with the financial activities,
  • wide support with marketing and PR activities,
  • and above all: good overview of the market and good contacts with the operators, representatives of public authorities and the media.

With our overview of the market, rich experience and good contacts, which we gained over the years, we can successfully cooperate with different media houses and efficiently help with the distribution of the programmes in different markets. Our goal is to ensure the best presence of the programmes we represent in cable, satellite, IPTV and mobile TV systems.