Dusk! is the first and only adult TV channel for women, airing 24/7 hardcore films and scenes that have been chosen by women, for women.

Tonight when you return home from a hard day at work, all you’ll want will be a bit of relaxation. Perhaps you”ll pour yourself a glass of wine. Play your favourite tune or simply relax yourself under a warm shower or in a nice relaxing bath. When the midnight comes, perhaps you’ll be ready for a more intimate entertainment. You’ll sit into a comfortable chair and dive into the adventures of on-screen couples. And yet the seat next to you will remain empty. Perhaps your better half is already between the sheets. Alone, because she’s not fascinated with the shenanigans of false TV couples. Even though she wouldn’t mind sharing with you the feelings, sensuality and emotions coming from the screen. Putting theory into practice.

DUSK! can be watched by men alongside their women. Because DUSK! is a TV channel dedicated to pleasures for two.